Commercial Styling

I love making areas/items/settings pretty, it doesn’t stop at weddings. Maybe you need a window display, or have a range of products that need to be arranged so you get more from your photographs. You need pretty and eye-catching, get in touch.


Client: Something Kinda Cute – Wedding Invites
These tables were styled to display a different range of wedding stationery. Something Kinda Cute wanted to showcase her different wedding invites, table numbers and name tags so her brides could envision how they would fit into each style of wedding. E
very table was based around a different design, from a very laid back rustic feel to a more glamorous affair.


Dotty About You

mvf-commercial-styling-weddinginvite mvf-commercial-styling mvf-commercial-styling-tablenumber mvf-commercial-styling-nametag mvf-commercial-styling-flower-weddinginvite




A Modern Kinda Love

glitter-table-cloth-wedding-1 glitter-table-cloth-wedding-2 glitter-table-cloth-wedding-3 glitter-table-cloth-wedding-4 glitter-table-cloth-wedding-5 glitter-table-cloth-wedding-6 glitter-table-cloth-wedding-7


Bright Botanicswood-trunk-slices-rustic-6

wood-trunk-slices-rustic-5 wood-trunk-slices-rustic-4 wood-trunk-slices-rustic-3 wood-trunk-slices-rustic-2 wood-trunk-slices-rustic-1



To The Moonpurple-flowers-black-stars-invite-1

purple-flowers-black-stars-invite-2 purple-flowers-black-stars-invite-3 purple-flowers-black-stars-invite-4 purple-flowers-black-stars-invite-5 purple-flowers-black-stars-invite-6 purple-flowers-black-stars-invite-7


All That Glitterspineapple-gold-duckegg-wedding-invite-1

pineapple-gold-duckegg-wedding-invite-2 pineapple-gold-duckegg-wedding-invite-3 pineapple-gold-duckegg-wedding-invite-4 pineapple-gold-duckegg-wedding-invite-5 pineapple-gold-duckegg-wedding-invite-6



We also done some shots of the wedding invites grouped together so you can see the whole package.

Something-Kinda-Cute-23-small11182055_855413884531236_1849380928111899290_nSomething-Kinda-Cute-71 Rustic-wedding-invitations dotty-floral-wedding-stationery Something-Kinda-Cute-751

“Her ideas were exciting, innovative and so creative, we genuinely couldn’t have had such a beautiful, fun and stylish wedding without her help!”

“I loved the fact that from the very first email you were so helpful.”

“The look you created was perfect and exactly what we’d dreamed of and was much commented on by our guests.”

“I always felt involved and consulted but at the same time knew that I could leave her to it and it would turn out perfectly.”

“On the day our venue looked absolutely stunning.”