There’s nothing more exciting than wedding flowers. Whether you have ideas of what you’d like or have nothing, either works for me. I create it all from the mood board, to making the bouquet and installing the larger installations. You can be involved as much or as little you’d like. 

From button holes to church flowers or even the jaw dropping focal point, your flowers will be the one thing that everyone will remember from your day. That and your dress, of course!

Flowers really do bring the space to life, as a venue stylist for the past 6 years it was always the flowers that pulled it all together, made it sing. Made it look extravagant to another level.

Your wedding flowers should be as unique in taste as you both are. I will get these details out of you in the first initial meeting…

Initial meeting

Our first meeting is very relaxed and informal. I like to meet with you and really find out how you’d like the venue to feel when you walk in there on the day, what you’d like to portray to your guests too. Your own style and vision is also taken into account. At the end of the day, it’s all about you two. We’ll have a chat about what you’re trying to achieve and discuss ways that we can do this within your budget.


Let’s get planning

After our first initial meeting I’ll go away and start dreaming up a mood board. This will include the types of flowers I’ll use and where I think they would work best. I’ll also plan where we can use the flowers twice. i.e church flowers moved to the venue etc, so that we can maximise your enjoyment of them.

We’ll meet again once your deposit (£100 to secure your wedding date) is made and we can talk through the mood board and add even more personal details.

Approaching the wedding day

We’ll visit the venue together and walk through the set up, considering scale of flower design and where best to be placed. You’re welcome to ask any questions you may have, making sure you’re confident with how everything will turn out.

The Wedding Day

We arrive bright and early, ready to transform the venue into the floral vision we have been planning over the past couple of months. The bouquet and button holes will be delivered on the morning too, I love showing you a glimpse of what’s to come, it’s a very special moment.

We will continue to tweak and perfect the florals until the very last minute before the guests arrive, making sure they stay looking perfect for you and your guests.


The Day After

We arrive the day after to take down any installations and collect glass ware, vases etc.


Flowers are fabulous to work with but the different varieties do vary in price significantly. Every wedding is different and our designs are tailor-made to suit your needs on the day. 
As a ballpark with your budget up to around £500, you should be able to cover the bouquets, button holes and some simple table centrepieces. £750-£1000 typically allows a bit of budget to begin decorating the venue with flowers. And if you’d like flowers to be a big part of your vision then you’d realistically be looking at £1000+. I’m happy to make some recommendations based on your budget and preferences.

Please note:
Each quote takes a lot of planning, structuring and costing. Your quote usually takes one to two weeks depending on busy seasons.
There is a £500 minimum spend when ordering wedding flowers.
If you would like to view our price list, please email us, we try hard to respond within 48 hours, if you haven’t anything back from us please give us a nudge. 

I cannot wait to hear about your vision. Call or email me today to book a free consultation.


A natural talent for floristry

Annette White

Bride, Gower, Swansea

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