My name is Laura, and I’m new around here!
About 10 months ago now, I’d just moved into a new town and was sat in a Dr’s waiting room with a 6 week old baby sprawled across me – both pretty big changes to adjust to – when I looked over to see a lady with pink hair and a small baby smiling at me; “how old is he?” she asked, “6 weeks” I replied, to which she said “mine too!”  And so it transpired that our babies were actually both born on 20th August 2017, and at the same hospital.  This felt like the universe nudging us gently in the ribs, so we exchanged numbers and started seeing each other every week at a local breastfeeding group.  Over time, we would realise that we drive the same car, have similar interests and tastes, a penchant for Dr Martens, she has a weird need to walk on the right while I have a weird need to walk on the left, we had the same song played at our weddings, and basically a whole bunch of stuff that keeps cropping up, that we have in common.  The universe was now nudging us quite violently in the ribs.  So a couple of weeks ago, when Lindsay asked me if I’d be interested in joining her in her business, lending my organisation and another pair of hands, to her brilliant creative flair and people skills, I responded with a big fat YES.


So, I am very happy and very proud to be joining Lindsay in My Vintage Flower from here on in.  I have much admired her business from the moment she told me about it, secretly a bit envious and thinking ‘damn, why didn’t I think of that?’ – and then I saw her work, and thought ‘damn, I’d never be as good as that’.  Me, I have a corporate background – project management, customer service, operations, a little bit of advertising and marketing, but I also love the creative arts.  I have a whole huge unit dedicated to craft materials at home, a drawer for ribbons, another for buttons, a crate of felt and fabrics… you get the idea.  I’m also a little bit obsessed with interior design.  This opportunity allows me to mix business with art, and I’m so damn excited to get started!
So Hi – my name is Laura, I’m new around here, and I can’t wait to be working with you lovely budding brides.

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