I got asked this week if I’ve been on holiday. I had to stop and think… I knew I’d been somewhere but for the life of me I couldn’t remember, it all seems like a bit of a blur.

Its been a busy couple of months and it feels good to reflect and remember. I was inspired by a good friend of mine, Jess. I need to make record of these amazing times as they will be lost, with my memory very lost! The only way I keep track of what’s been happening is looking back through my instagram – sad I know!

So this is whats been keeping me busy over the summer…

  • Da and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this year and we went to Ireland, I tried guiness (not a fan), saw an amazing band and watched titanic on the ferry home, eek! I didn’t let go…
  • Went camping with the family – tent, bbq and sleeping under the stars – bliss!
  • I must of been mad doing photo shoots during the busiest time of wedding season but when opportunities come around I really can’t resist. So so worth it tho!
  • A special wedding close to my heart got a mega make over and can’t wait to show you the photos, think colour and double it!
  • What’s a summer without glastonbury, it was inspiring, slightly muddy… whats glasto without mud!
  • Organised fun!! A hen party with so much organised fun and laughter, epic afternoon tea, yoga and quail trail with chilli tasting and nudest drawing class… The best weekend ever!
  • Managed to smuggle my pimms into the cricket, that’s a blog post on its own!
  • Trains + animals = happy mase!
  • Took skye to her first auction, she loved it, I’m slightly worried I’ve sparked something off in her. We came out with items that weren’t on the list, she’s a bad influence on me ;)

It truly has been busy with work and play. Looking forward to winding down with wedding season and curling up on the sofa to the early nights, long walks through heavy leafed footpaths and buying a new coat (what’s winter if you can’t buy a new coat?)

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