Vintage Wedding Dress or Not?

Wear & Tear
Remember that Vintage wedding dresses are old and tend to have some sort of wear and tear so always check them over thoroughly before taking the plunge. Don’t forget that any small embellishments can be fixed with a creative seamstress and hold fire on stain removers as older fabrics are a lot different from todays and can be ruined from harsh chemicals.

Finding the Perfect Size
Vintage clothing was made¬†differently from todays so remember when looking at labels that more often than not it won’t size up to your current clothing. Again having a clever seamstress can alter your dress to fit perfectly. Its always easier to take fabric off than add as it will be near impossible to match it up.

Once its gone, it gone!
If you think you’ve found your perfect vintage wedding dress then act fast as there isn’t going to be another any time soon.

Life after Vintage
I know the idea of having a vintage wedding dress sounds romantic, but its really had to find the perfect one. Don’t forget that there are lots of amazing designers out there who can recreate something that resembles that vintage dress. This way you can add all the elements from each dress that you love, creating something unique and perfect for you. So don’t be to disappointed if you can’t find the vintage dress.

Here’s some outstanding Vintage Wedding Dresses I found on Pinterest. (I got a little carried away with the photos, there was so many to choose from!) My full Pinterest Board – enjoy

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