As a recently new wife (still seams weird saying that!) Every time I do a wedding fayre I’m intrigued to find out what makes a good marriage, so I like to ask my brides-to-be and grooms their wedding advice. It comes from all different angles, what to do, what not to do and generally life advice. I’ve decided I’d share them with you, and add them as and when. Some are words of wisdom, some are wedding advice for the day and the majority of them made me laugh!

Don’t worry about keeping everyone else happy – it’s your day!

Enjoy every second of the day, it will fly by!

Remember to spend time with your other half

Kiss each other every single day

Unfortunately, a man is for life not just for a wedding!

It’s your and your hubby-to-be’s day. Do what you both want.

Laugh about it all!

Cwtches everyday are a must!

Time goes too fast, diet earlier!

Have a regular date night every week!

Takes lots of mental images of the day

Laugh lots and cwtch

Do not bring the groom to a bridal fayre!

It’s your wedding! Your choice!

Never go to bed on an argument

Just enjoy the day and not get hung up on too much

Love is all you need! Talking solves everything.

If you have any you’d like to share, pop them underneath!

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