Over the years, we’ve learnt a few things about what looks good and also how to get the best result for your budget when it comes to wedding flowers. Here’s a few tips to help you choose whats best for you.

Possibly the most important flowers, these will appear in all the photos and should complement your dress. You can use yours and your bridesmaids bouquets to decorate the table once you’ve finished having photos done. Also the more variety of flowers you have, the more it will cost. If you have one bouquet of the same flower, it can be much more cost effective

The bridesmaids bouquets are usually a smaller version of your bouquet, and possibly in a different shade. You can get away with keeping them simpler. i.e a whole bunch of gypsophila is very effective and cheaper.

Use the same flowers as your bouquet and give them to the main members of your wedding party. By using the same flowers as your bouquet it will keep costs down.

If you’re marrying in a church, floral displays look lovely at the altar and tied to the end of pews, or even in the alcoves of the church windows. You can also use these to decorate your reception once finished.

Colour and seasonality
Your flowers are one of the key ways to link colour throughout your ceremony and reception, so try to match the colour of your flowers to, say, your bridesmaids dresses and/or stationery to tie everything together. Choosing seasonal flowers will save you money and using inexpensive foliage will save you money too. – click here for a guide to what’s available when.

Here’s a few colour schemes that work nicely together, colours that compliment each other. (Images from pinterest)

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